Readthroughs and Random Thoughts

Chapter Six is where, oh my, stuff starts to happen. Normally I’d snark about being this far into a book and only NOW seeing some action, but you know what? It held my attention for most of my train ride into work this evening, and that’s the first time it’s done that, so I’m not going to jinx it with nastiness.


Besides, there’s plenty of other stuff to snark about.


Grey drives Ana home. In addition to his other dislikeable qualities, he’s an SUV driver as well. (I know: wtf? Dude is a bazillionaire and this is the best he can do, wheelswise?) I could understand him having one if he had kids whom he took camping every few weeks (oh god, he doesn’t have kids, does he? Please don’t tell me it procreated) or if he’s doing animal rescue… or he needs space to lug his…

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