Cowritting Project

The idea has been floating throughout my mind for the last 8 months but I wanted to have this experience along with someone. It is easy to write a book by yourself because you don’t have to compromise on anything however your creativity isn’t as unique with just one mind on it. It’s going to be interesting and I’m beyond excited to get this project rolling. This will be a murder mystery, thriller, suspense series with loads of sarcasm and wit. And of course my reliable touch of romance to keep things interesting.

The first difference with starting on book one is already knowing the end. You have to know the end sequence to get to the beginning. šŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Cowritting Project

  1. slepsnor says:

    Good luck. I’ve had some good and bad experiences doing co-writing projects. It depends on how well the two writers mesh and their temperaments.

    • mlnewman87 says:

      This could be either good or bad but I’m hoping for good, thanks. I am very interested in mysteries, etc but my co-writer has the most fantastic focus and pays great attention to details. This would be her first experience as well but after knowing each other for the last 13 years, I think we can do this. We couldn’t agree on a place to set this one so were thinking maybe a dystopia setting for originality.

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