Commitment Issues

On a roll with murdering technology…another desktop and monitor on it’s way out. Annoyed but didn’t let it stop my fingers from typing out another story line. I’m having commitment issues. I can’t commit myself to a single piece of work more than an outline. I have loads of ideas, plots, details and funny one liners but nothing more. I have 12 story lines and 4 of those have at least a trilogy behind it if not more. Has anyone ever had this happen too?

3 thoughts on “Commitment Issues

  1. slepsnor says:

    I have 20-30 series, one-shots, trilogies, compilations, and novellas in various states of outline and notes. I get the information onto paper and follow it for a day or two before I go back to Legends of Windemere. I’ve started a system where the weekdays are for the books and the weekends are for outlining/planning future ideas. It takes some practice and discipline to switch gears, but it’s possible.

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