Hiding Under The Covers

Woke up to a broken furnace. Hot tea and electric blankets are going to get me through the day and night. While preparing to step out of the warmth of bedding, my mind was going through the list of books that I’ve read. What made the books I love so special? Was it the sarcasm? Was it the characters? What made the books I didn’t like so uninteresting? Too much talking? Not enough action?

I fell in love with two books revolved around a love triangle however one book was very in depth with characters, emotions, and story. The other book was extremely simple…it didn’t go very deep but it didn’t have to because everything explained itself just perfectly. The differences were great but they both caught my attention, held it and made me crave more when it ended.

Having a pencil and notebook day. Plotting out more ideas for my books, expressing more details in some…deleting some in others. Trying to incorporate the reasons I loved the other books to my stories. You don’t have to care about the characters if the story is fabulous…and maybe when you least expect it you’ll start to care.

2 thoughts on “Hiding Under The Covers

  1. rbdavis5 says:

    you should tag your entries, just a piece of advice from a fellow newbie

    • mlnewman87 says:

      My fingers move too quickly…I have that exact thought after I hit publish post and then cringe because it’s too late. Thanks, I will do my best to try to keep on that. 🙂

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