Sleeping Beauty

Watched the 2011 movie Sleeping Beauty with Emily Browning and still haven’t recovered. So many emotions, so many uncomfortable topics and amazing beauty left my mind reeling with questions. None of it inspired any writing…in fact I think it did more damage because I wasn’t able to get out of my own head. It did encourage the exploration of details without showing…you don’t see what is going on in the mind of the female lead and it leaves you wondering what is truly effecting her the most.

Calling it an early night with a good book. And minor celebration to only receiving rain. Yay!


Accomplished reading an entire book in less than twelve hours and Zumba’d for an hour. Crossing my fingers that inspiration will hit as hard today as it did yesterday. Running on coffee and fumes but still feeling optimistic about the day. Even with the winter advisory.

Worst Night’s Sleep Ever

Running on 4 hours of sleep, my back is in excruciating pain, and my nose is clogged (w/ a cold). The alarm for my husband went off and as I attempted to hit it off, I hit my lip balm and it has now disappeared. Gone forever. Out of all the reasons to be having a bad morning…losing the lip balm is the only reason I’m awake and pouting.

Consistancy with Genres

The majority of my works revolve around romance however it is constantly changing within that genre. YA- Adult Romance, High School Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Thrillers, and more to come I’m sure. I found this website online stating that not sticking to one genre would be disastrous to an authors career because the readers wouldn’t stick behind them. The author they were referring to had switched from one genre to another that were not even close to each other. I can’t remember right now but it was something like crime thriller to historical poetry. I wonder if my genre hopping would have the same plunder regardless that it is all still under the heading of Romance. Does this hold any merit?

Stuck And Overly Playful

I got to Chapter 8 in the mythical series before I got stuck with drama. The typical emotions and conversations of choices made that hurt characters, etc pretty much bogged my mind down. Now I’ve woken up with vigor and want nothing more than to screw it all up by throwing some extra magical features just to make sure those conversations never take place. You can’t talk if you’re running for your life right? *devious smile*

Ready to light up the book with some extra fanciful twists and magical uphill moments while reality can always be counted on to bring you back down hard and fast.

The Gaia Chronicles

With the entire succession of my website approaches the completion of my story.

I’m not as excited for anything else, other than the entire completion of novel one.

Already stated: Doesn’t mean I do not appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve received.

I thank the new facebook fans 120+ today Feb,21,2013

I appreciate the viewpoints, commentaries in addition to all every blogger I’ve run into and chatted with.

But I’m continuing, so i can  appreciate all you so much more.

I’m now editing chapter 8 and finishing chapter 9.

Thank you to all who have supported me all through my journey so far.

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An exclusive thankfulness to slepsnor, I have a gift…

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