Poetry Throwback

Rummaging through old creative writing notebooks from High school and came across a bunch of poems.

The Unbeliever

You are so ugly,

You evil, uncaring, friend of mine,

With the hugs and laughs,

Nothing but pure hatred for your lack of interest,

Your unraveled colored curls of falseness,

That only a mother could love,

The way I feel for you,

Makes my rage divide up into groups,

Like hating you wasn’t low enough.


5 thoughts on “Poetry Throwback

  1. slepsnor says:

    Ah, the anger and friendships of high school. I don’t really miss it.

    • mlnewman87 says:

      Yeah, she was no friend. More of a convenient hoverer if that makes sense. I miss my teachers from high school the most. They were pretty cool.

      • slepsnor says:

        I think I get it. I was the kid in the corner with a book, so I never really got into the social network. I’d say I miss 97% of my teachers. There’s always that one or two that a person wishes retired the year before they got into their class. 🙂

      • mlnewman87 says:

        I agree I had at least one or two a year I felt like that about. I was a social butterfly, not popular in the sense of jocks/preps, I spoke to every single person. We were all suffering the same fate of classes, who was I to be unwilling to befriend anyone?

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