A Winter Wonderland…Again

The winter season is apparently never going to end. The snow keeps coming in heaps and barrels full. And as an animal lover it pains me to admit that I seriously want to kick the groundhog in the butt. Obviously spring isn’t coming early this year, you deceitful creature.

Blowing the Whistle Update: Lots of writing completed until I lost power around 2am. I hadn’t realized how much I  enjoyed college until writing this piece. The study group sessions, classes, and activities on campus. 6 pages down on the outline, at least another 7 to go.

Destiny Series Update: Plot twists are having their way with Megan which is always entertaining to see. However I think things are a bit too serious…not that they shouldn’t be but I’m trying to figure out a subtle reprieve of all the doom and gloom. Book 4 seems to be powered up by emotions which are great to help keep the characters real, etc. I think another cup of tea is order to fiddle around with things. 🙂 4 pages down on this outline, at least another 15 to go.


7 thoughts on “A Winter Wonderland…Again

  1. slepsnor says:

    The characters could always have a meal where they don’t want to talk about the doom and gloom. Or a slapstick moment. Depends on how classy you want to be. 15 page outline is really impressive.

    • mlnewman87 says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’m trying to get around the doom and gloom but it seems to be everywhere. There are like 4 problems going on at the same time not including the one big one. And it’s one of those, “Hey I can fix this.” only it back fires and makes the situation worse. Which is somewhat funny until the worse happens.

      I feel like my characters are running the show and I truly have no opinion on the matter. Sounds odd but so true. Megan is constantly trying to fix everything, not thinking it through and does stuff. I can’t seem to keep the girl controlled. 🙂

      • slepsnor says:

        That’s how a lot of first drafts go. You can retake control through the editing. Maybe another character can try to comically stop Megan from fixing something. Handcuff her to something or hit her with a sleep spell then deal with the fallout. You could even have the other characters stage an intervention for her. 🙂

      • mlnewman87 says:

        That is a fantastic idea, thanks! I know just who to use to comically mess with her too. You have no idea how awesome your advice just was. I’ve got another route planned. 🙂 Thanks a bunches!!!

      • slepsnor says:

        You’re welcome. I can’t wait to read this series.

      • mlnewman87 says:

        You’ll one of the first know when it is ready to be put out there. 😀

      • slepsnor says:

        Yippee! I’m going to try to be the first to review it too. 🙂

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