Why Romance?

I have been thinking about what caused the urge to write romance novels. It wasn’t a choice as much as the story itself was laid out that way. And the more I wrote the more my mind generated more story lines. I have a passion for passion. Even though Glimmer of Hope is based on Becki, from the beginning I saw Eric in my mind. I could see images of his face, hear the sound of his voice and that forced my hand to put him to paper.

I’m in love with being in love. The feeling is so strong, so pure and exhilarating that by writing each story, I relive the feeling through the characters. The laughs, the tears, the embarrassing moments and surges of insane anger/jealousy, etc. Life is a roller-coaster without throwing a romantic interest in the mix but that is when things get really interesting. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Why Romance?

  1. slepsnor says:

    Romantic stories or subplots are always fun to write. They seem to bring out some of the more powerful emotions.

    • mlnewman87 says:

      My issue right now is I’m “outlining” Blowing the Whistle. And I’m on page 13…nowhere near the end of the story. After reevaluating my storyline I realized somewhere around page 4 I just started writing the story. Details, full conversations, and emotions reaching levels higher than the Empire State Building.

      I know…edit, edit, edit but I’m so lost in my story. I’m sooo into it right now that I can’t even begin to see where it’s going. The romance/passion has taken over brain cells.

      • slepsnor says:

        Maybe just write it and see where it goes?

      • mlnewman87 says:

        That’s what my best friend just advised me to do as well. The idea of actually writing is putting me off the story completely…funny, huh? I’m going to take a step back and let it sit for a little and head back to the land of Destiny series. I think Megan is messing with the tea again..never a good plan 🙂

      • slepsnor says:

        Always helps to jump series if you’re stuck on one. Sounds like Megan needs to be watched at all times. 🙂

      • mlnewman87 says:

        She does. I think the book is going to be taken from her. You can’t make trouble without a recipe…right? (She really needs to be watched. I know her…she’ll try even w/o it.)

  2. Dallas Kelly says:

    “I have a passion for passion.” — Love this.

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