Survey on Book Shorts

I haven’t come across many authors who use “shorts” in between the distribution of novels. One of my favorite authors is Ann Charles(Deadwood Series) and in between her series, she will throw in a small “short” to keep the anticipation up and divulges a small amount of information that we, the reader, didn’t know.

The idea to do that with one of my series sounds very interesting, especially with Destiny Series. It would be a fun exercise especially if it was in the P.O.V. of another character in the series that you don’t normally hear from. My question is rooted in the thought that this isn’t a normal thing most authors do. Are there a lot of authors that do this or have I just not come across it?

In reference to the Deadwood Series, I purchase all of the shorts because it does keep my interest and I love the characters so much that I want to know more. So in my opinion it is a successful idea and I may want to give it a try. Has anyone seen the “shorts” done quite often? And in your opinion, does it encourage the success in the series?


2 thoughts on “Survey on Book Shorts

  1. slepsnor says:

    I don’t know if it’s normal, but it’s a pretty good idea. I’ve seen a lot of television shows do something similar. They’ll put up some short mini-episodes on the internet between seasons to keep fans interested. The episodes usually deal with a temporary or minor problem that might not even come up when the new season starts.

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