The Fun of Creativity

I’m in the process of writing Charmed (Destiny Series Book #1). While this is going to be a new adventure with a different type of romance than I normally go with there is something different. Something challenging about this story that I haven’t exactly figured out just yet.

I have a tendency of using photos of people to help get my details correct in writing. Actually it’s kind of creepy when I think about it, like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. I take bits and pieces from each person that I like and mold them all into one. I promise no cheap shots (It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.)

However in this story, I have chosen a specific person who I believe to be beautiful to play Megan. She is uniquely gorgeous without the use of makeup or very little at the most. She has a presence of knowing herself, understanding and expressing what she is feeling without the use of words. And I have never seen a photo of this person in color. I’m sure there may be one floating about but I don’t need or want it. She is unforgettable and attractive, pure.

I believe this may be the difference. It isn’t just that this person is attractive but she is so extremely different than anything that I’ve ever seen, it has caused my brain to work in overdrive. To make her what I need her to be. To get her across clearly without vanity or idol-ism. A challenge. Another reason to love writing…


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