Distractingly Focused

The plan for today is to work on ‘The Shakes’ and complete this novel in entirety. Or at least as close as it’s going to come today but for the week the whole novel. It is one of the firsts that I’ve wanted to get out there and I need to stay focused.

Speaking of focused…I keep finding youtube videos of my favorite actor from Vampire Diaries dancing to funny music and it is distracting in the worst kind of way. The distracting where you watch one video and laugh so hard that your hands have already clicked on the next and before you know it, you have no idea where you are and why. I’ve done that at least four times in the last hour. And I even planned out a future convention to attend to meet said actor because my attention span is out of control.

Trying to get back to writing but I’ve already been distracted three times just trying to get this blog out. I’ve plotted out the hotel room costs, the hour and a half drive to the convention, the amount of money for tickets, etc.

Oh man…I may have to shut my internet off for the day just to get some work done. Turning on my writing playlist and hoping that it helps. I’ve gotten three paragraphs out already. Fingers crossed I don’t have to resort to turning off my computer in total and writing by hand to get it out.

5 thoughts on “Distractingly Focused

  1. The curse of the author. Our minds are so open to the world for inspiration and input that we become our worst enemy.

    • mlnewman87 says:

      Yes and unfortunately it has succeeded. Today is shot and now devoted to cooking a fabulous dinner, sweet tooth dessert, and major sucking up for the husband. Fingers crossed it will work to keep him in a good mood and butter him up for the extra money for this convention 🙂

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