Wow, this caught my attention right away. I hope this isn’t true.

Doing Too Much At One Time

Thanks to a fabulous friend, I am reading a helpful book about editing/formatting and going to use that information upon my works. Thanks again! 

While reading I have Netflix playing in the background (Behind Mansion Walls; the rich who are killed or kill for the greed/evy/love of money), I don’t like to sit in silence.

And I noticed while flipping the page that the song “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago started playing in my mind until I found myself singing, “He had it coming. He had it coming. He only had himself to blame. If you had been there. If you have seen it. I betcha you would have done the same.” Not only did it fit perfectly for the murder case I wasn’t watching but left me feeling nostalgic with wanting to watch Chicago.

Now I’m determined to finish reading, work on my ‘Shakes’, Hope Series and Destiny Series for a few hours before taking a musical break.

Everyone please read this masterpiece of work and leave your comments/reviews/opinions with the writer. You won’t be disappointed,! 🙂

Follow my Attempt to Change to an Author

I haven’t tried this site before, a fan of my work said I should post a preview up there and review the tools there.

I put a link to the first chapter on here, but I suspect that people dont want to download things, so maybe being able to look at it on line will get me some feed back.

I have to say publishing, and all that process is less fun the the writting.  In my perfect world I could just write the books and some magic force would turn them into books that peole could read and enjoy.

as always, any opinions are welcomed.

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“Well I heard a breeze blow like a ghost riding out cross the ocean
And the smell of the midsummer sun dripping down through the blue
It’s so easy to drift through these things with your eyes half open
Looking out for the prize lining up all the things left to prove

And who would have thought that a year on I’d be where I’m standing
Half singing a song to a person I’ve only half met
But I have fought like a wildcat for space and understanding
And boy let me tell you I’m not done fighting yet

‘Cos I want to run run run fast as I can
Let those grey gloves wrap their fingers around my heart
I want to run run run so far from here
‘Till the streets of Manhattan just tear this waster apart
No I don’t wanna talk, I wanna dance in New York”

Dance In New York By Thea Gilmore

Glimmer of Hope – Becki

“Well I heard a…

“I’m outside of your window
with my radio (so I can see you breathing)
I’m outside of your window
with my radio (so I can see you breathing)
I’m outside of your window (one eye open)
with my radio (so I can see you breathing)

I’m outside of your window
with my radio
you are the only station
you play the song I know
you are the song I know”

Niki FM By Hawthorne Heights

Blowing the Whistle – Trevor

“I’m outside o…

The Stress of Editing

As a writer, we all have talents. Whether we are fabulous story tellers, terrific scene describers or dialogue specialists that ingrain certain conversations into the readers mind for years. With those positive skills leaves the faults. Writers work on sentence structure, showing and not telling, expressing emotions clearly and understandably connecting the words directly to the readers heartstrings. 

Editing is a need and a process. I have learned to take it in small doses. I can’t sit and stare and work on it for hours…without beginning to hate every single word plotted out. And I mean hate….build a bonfire, print out a copy of said works and do a dance while it burns to ash. And only a copy because as soon as the fire dies down, I’m full of Smores and my mind is elsewhere, can I comeback to reality. And start fresh to edit said works.

Instead of going to all that work (even though Smores sound delicious), I’ve learned to take a step back. Pick up a novel and travel to another world for a bit. Maybe travel to Windemere and see what my friend Luke is upto(thanks to Charles E Yallowitz). Or hang out with a new dear friend Jamie Ryder and go for a run(thanks to rbdavis5).

Don’t let the stress of editing take away your love of writing because it is worth it in the end. A quote I read once was, “A real writer never quits.” Not only do I have no plans to quit writing but all the street lights are starting to change from red to green. I’m going to keep it moving. 🙂

Everyone should ask about Rakasha, it is fabulously written. 🙂

Follow my Attempt to Change to an Author

A little off subject, but tonight I went to a publishing event – met 4 authors with different approaches to how to get published, and learned quite a bit.

While all of the lessons learned were important, the most important was “never match wits with someone smarter than you”

Some background, at the critique group, a bunch of us traded work over a coffee and doughnut. Mine went to a woman named Preacher.  As my friend M.L Newman can attest, my work (I think is well written, flows well, and punctuated badly. In addition If it were a movie, it would be a very SOLID R. Preacher read a few chapters, and stopped when the co-ed and the demon both woke up naked.  It was an uncomfortable scene. She stopped reading right there.  She also cringed at all the bad words and ‘adult situations’ in Rakasha.

It turns out she…

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