The Shakes Happy Update

I’ve replotted out my Shakes novel and can happily state that it’s going to be 22 chapters long. I feel that the characters get out everything that needs to come across within this time frame. I didn’t plan for this to be a series, it is a stand alone as of right now. However I’m leaving the option open for more. Maybe one day one of the characters will start screaming about a change or dilemma that will bring a sequel.

When reading a novel that I love, I dislike when the ending comes because the adventure is over. And it’s a pleasant surprise should a sequel come after it. I’d feel like I’d be jipping other reader’s who are like myself, by making an ending that is so final that nothing can come from it.

Stretching out my arms and cracking my knuckles before digging in. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “The Shakes Happy Update

  1. I agree that it does tend to be a let down when a hero retires because that adventure is done. Though, there are some moments where the hero can’t go on for various reasons. The end of Legends of Windemere is going to see all the main heroes ‘retiring’ to either rule something, too injured, or death. I’m going to turn them into living legends that make cameos in other stories whenever a younger hero is in their area. I take it that even heroes have to retire and take a nap at some point.

    • mlnewman87 says:

      Lies! Hero’s live forever. πŸ™‚
      I agree some need to retire or nap but I won’t deny a sequel if it is possible/plausible. At least one sequel. And should there be any begging/pleading/inquiries about a sequel for this one, I don’t think I could deny the reader.

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