On The Move Again

Glad to say that my curse/jinx issue has passed with the assistance of my BFFL. I am writing Chapter 14 for Blowing the Whistle. Happy dance is going on now.

This week has been slightly stressful regardless that it is only Tuesday. Where the weather has decided to brighten, lighten and heat up to 81 degrees, my responsibilities have increased. I have been summoned for Jury Duty. And most people that I have spoken with tell me not to worry, of course I won’t be chosen to sit on a case. However my luck has been just like Primrose from Hunger Games.

The very first time I was summoned, I was chosen to sit in on a case. I was excited at the time because I had a job that I couldn’t stand and any type of reprieve was great. But now I actually have plans for the date that they need me to come into and I have to postpone it. My friend told me to just go on the day as I probably won’t be chosen…but I know my luck and I have no Katniss to take my place.

While I have the time and creative bug, I’m going to jump back into my story. 🙂


2 thoughts on “On The Move Again

  1. I found that acting entirely distracted and apathetic helps. Falling asleep can be a help too, but they can tell when you’re fake snoring. Good luck.

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