My Twitter got Suspended – How I got it restored in 2 days

Helpful information for writers.

Author Allen Watson


I was talking to a new friend of mine, Jerry, about how down I was because my Twitter got suspended. He said that happens to writers. That it does not take much to cut us off and shut us down.

UPDATE: Here is Twitter’s new page for help with suspended accounts.

If you didn’t see my blog post the other day, Twitter suspended my account @AllenWatson23. In an effort to get more indie author followers, I had added quite a few right after I unfollowed the ones that had been around for a while and hadn’t followed me back. I did this in a relatively short period of time…like fifteen minutes. I’m sure Twitter’s blanket spam filters sniffed something and shut me down along with the health and porn Twitter handles out there. If you look at my timeline, you’ll see that I certainly don’t spam. The reason I wanted…

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