So Close I Can Taste It

I am currently at Chapter 20 for the novel Blowing the Whistle. I have lied to myself believing that this would be a 23 chapter novel but some of the earlier chapters are so short that I’m going to have to combine. That is my only real complaint, after my issue with Chapter 10 things have been going smoothly, writing about 2 a day.

After getting to Chapter 18 I started to worry about my main character. Have I waited too long to give more information? Does she come off as a Mary-Sue? Will the reader care or have any type of connection to her? I’m lucky enough to have a fellow writer and BFFL to share works with. While all the comments have been positive and encouraging I’m starting to rethink my character and trying to evaluate her myself.

It’s funny and slightly cruel at this late of a date to try to reorganize my character and her story but it’s better now than to hear complaints later about it. Settling back down into the story and finishing it out before going back to the beginning.


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