Fresh Air Doesn’t Help Writers Block!

Yesterday I had attempted to work on my Charmed Destiny novel without any type of success. My husband decided that some fresh air would help, so to the tennis courts we went. We have played 4 full games so far and my score is 0-4 :(.

For championship point, I knew he was going to try to ace it. I strategically placed myself awaiting the strike, not only was I ready but I already knew I was going to slice it gently back over the net. However something went wrong…either I didn’t time the slice correctly or he hit it much harder than I realized but the ball hit my racquet only to shoot up and swipe my throat. Needless to say the game ended on sour terms. He wouldn’t express his happiness of winning even though it shown in his eyes and I tried to hide how much it hurt with a smile.

For the rest of the evening, I stared at the laptop screen…waiting some sort of inspiration to hit but nothing came. It took a few hours of staring and thinking before I quit for the night, deciding to get more writing done in the morning.

Cut to this morning…We (Husband and I) decided to get up early to play tennis again. As a wife I know my husbands secrets like he can’t function without coffee first and that it takes him a while to wake up.

I took him to the courts and stated, “After the game, we’ll get a celebratory coffee.”

🙂 Yes, I’m aware that this is unfair but I need every advantage I can get! I served first and got the first game under my belt in minutes, it felt so good. He was dragging so bad that I even offered to make it a short game, the first to win 3 sets wins it all. He agreed and on his set we were already at 0-30.

I knew I had this in the bag…until he aced right passed my blinking eyes. It was horrible, I didn’t even get the thought of moving to my limbs it happened so quickly. And my husband smiled complaining, “You need to actually go for the ball.”

Annoyed, I made my stance, gripped the handle and swayed from side to side. I was going to hit the next ball and make him suffer for that. I have all the advantages on my side. So i watched him bounce the ball a few times, raise his racquet and swing. I watched it sail over the net quickly, bounce close and took a step back to hit it. Only for it to savagely assault my throat again, right at the base where it connects to my chest.

My racquet dropped instantly from my hands…really? This is how my morning is going to start? Did I not think of almost everything to make sure I got a win? My husband quit then, advised that it was too early for both of us to play and bought us breakfast.

And here I sit once again, staring at my laptop screen hoping for some sort of inspiration to hit as quickly and hard as the tennis ball did me. Two days in a row. I know that I’ll be laughing about this in a few days, in my head it sounds hilarious but right now I still can’t imagine how it happened.

Fresh air most definitely doesn’t help writers block!

15 thoughts on “Fresh Air Doesn’t Help Writers Block!

  1. I’m pretty sure the shots to the throat didn’t help. Are you okay?

  2. I’m sure your still way better at tennis than me!

  3. Maybe a walk in the woods would have been safer. The Japanese are doing studies on that and say it has many benefits. However, writer’s block was not listed. 🙂

  4. In “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron, she advises that if an artist has any block at all they should do something else creative to keep the creativity flowing and to take the pressure off. It works well for me. I like to stitch, paint furniture, and draw cartoons (not very good at that). Then I go back to that empty page and it isn’t empty for long.
    Hope this helps even a little.

    • mlnewman87 says:

      Thanks 🙂 I have been trying to keep other options open as well. If I get a block, I pull out my sketch pad (I’m not great at this either) or do some sort of cardio until I get focused again. It has helped a great deal.

      I haven’t done any type of needle work in a long time. I may give that a try though. Thanks again! 🙂

  5. VictoriaJoDean says:

    Yep, I say this tennis thing is definitely dangerous. Better stick to writer’s block. 🙂

  6. narble says:

    Your blog writing flows nicely. Perhaps it’s not writer’s block, but a case of novelpause…novelpaws?…bookstop? I dunno. Who’s the reader you’re writing the novel to? Write them a letter and see what happens.

  7. Felicia says:

    Lol. I love tennis and the competitiveness that you have; great post! 🙂

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