Why People Should hire Aspiring Authors

This is so true! 🙂

Follow my Attempt to Change to an Author

Over the weekend at a publishing and writing expo here in Denver, there was a lot of talk about using LinkedIn to promote yourself as an author.

One of the people attending found himself in the same leaky boat I do. (I.E. Unemployed and nervous about using LinkedIn for author promotion and not as a job search tool). It struck me trying to figure out how to either be an IT professional or author on LinkedIn, I should be both!

For us to pull this off, we (as in everyone reading this plus myself) need to re-define the perceived role of author, and help hiring managers see the advantages of what professionals who also wish to be authors bring to the table.

First, let’s look at the Good.

1) Every applicant says “I’m creative”. The professional author has proved it. They have something you can touch, see, and [if badly…

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