Backstory Vs Creativity

My Night Breeze is a YA paranormal romance series. When I first started writing this storyline out it was a stand alone novel. I knew the back story and how far I was willing to push to have this be a unique POV. However after taking a week’s vacation with a notebook, my story has not only changed but elongated. The story line is much more exciting and unexpectedly creative however it has messed up the entire back story that was set in place.

So the question is do I stick to the background enhanced story or allow the creative juices, that filled over four pages of notebook paper, take the lead and see where things go? I might end up having to write two versions and see which is better but it’s going to take much longer. I’m almost finished with Chapter two so it’s still in the early stages but it’ll be easier to add in the missing back story pieces in the second version.


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