Reality Vs. Fantasy

My BFFL and I have been discussing my YA novel. One of her complaints of other romance novels were that in most stories the characters fall in love too quickly, for no apparent reason other than convenience, attractiveness or strange situations. In real life, it takes time to develop those feelings, emotions, etc.

Back in High School, it didn’t really take that much for some of us to have those feelings. It was the typical situation of ‘he is cute’ and ‘he smiled at me, I’m in love!’. One of the best parts about being a teenage girl is all those crazy hormones come crashing in at the same time that reality does. Not just the fantasy of falling in love but the real experience of first kiss and more.

The negative setbacks include drugs, alcohol, bullying, etc. And all the craziness is held in one building, High School for four years. I want the story to not just be as authentic as possible to real life BUT still suck people into other aspects without even realizing it’s been done. I’m hoping by taking the slow to develop route that it will not just ring true but ring deep to the reader. Fingers crossed 🙂


5 thoughts on “Reality Vs. Fantasy

  1. I would definitely read something like that. I always like authors that take their time to explain the characters, and slowly develop the chemistry or romance with each set of characters. Good luck! 🙂

  2. SAHealey says:

    Sounds like you have an excellent outline in place for your story. I look forward to reading it! I, too, am more of a fan of an authenic love story. So many are filled with rainbows, puppies, and ‘I love you’s’ from the very beginning, which is almost too far fetched to make the story enjoyable.

  3. M. L. Sexton says:

    I look forward to reading it as well. I just read a book where two people fell in love after three days of knowing each other and the girl ended up moving to where the guy lived. Like, who does that? Where does that happen in real life?

    • mlnewman87 says:

      Exactly. While I love stories that have fantasy risk taking and adventures, I mostly have to plunge into the story just with my heart and leaving my brain in a power down type of state.
      I’m trying to keep this story as real as possible because once the action really starts to pick up, I don’t need to use a basis of heart plunging to keep the reader. 🙂

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