Dialogue Unforseen

While I was writing out my chapter for the YA series, a scene came about that stopped me dead in my tracks. It’s a very important scene that is supposed to make this story different from all the rest. The break or make moment, where cards are placed on the table or the table gets kicked over. However it occurred to me while writing the dialogue that not only was this scene done before BUT my mind started to replay the dialogue from the TV shows that I saw.

I tried five separate dialogues  where it began great but ended in cliched words that I’ve heard before. And dare I admit that for at least 15 minutes, I relived those scenes from the shows previously mentioned above. As much as I love the shows, I couldn’t find my own voice to make what I needed clear. It was a nightmare, there was nothing I could do to make it okay and nothing I could do to save the scene without altering the storyline.

So out of the two options: Stick with my own story-cliche intact or risk it by altering the story, which would I choose? If you guessed risk it, you know me very well. Now I’m trying to rework the plot around this conversation but I believe this will keep it true to the characters as well as the reader. It’s all about consistency, even if it means walking around the issue before taking it on. 🙂


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