Great news for a fellow writer soon to be author!

Follow my Attempt to Change to an Author

I know I promised to do an article about COW! (Child of Writer) but (in my best cheesy news man voice) “We interrupt this blog to bring you some breaking news”

[for those of you following me on face book at!/RobertDavisAuthor you’ve already heard some of this

1) I have an author page ( a web-based page)  I will be putting up the link to it once the paint is dry.  [fear not I am not done posting here, just giving a single point to all my ‘stuff’]

2) I am now working free-lance tech while still job hunting.

3) I have an investor to cover the cost of the e-book production

I will be giving my thanks to this person for ever, and I will be finally turning my manuscript into a book. I am going to resend it, once I get it back to 2 publishers whose rejections…

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