Fabulous Ideas Come From Slot Machines

I just returned from a 2 day trip out of state. Lots of sunbathing that resulted in sunburn (kicking myself for forgetting my sunscreen) and checking out some casinos. While sitting at a slot machine, inspiration hit hard and fast to the point that I whipped out my notebook(yes, I keep a notebook in my purse) to jot down a new story. Then text my BFFL about it in great detail, all while fellow gamblers stare at me like I’m insane. However this makes story number 16 to be written at some point, hopefully soon.

Very excited to attempt writing this story, as it seems less adventurous than my usual stories but it’s something that people deal with more often than not. The story still hangs out in the romance genre but the undertones/undercurrent is something new for me to try out. I’m working out the ‘back blurb’ at the moment and once I’m confident that it sounds right, I’ll be putting it up to be checked out. Title is still up in the air as this is less than 48 hours old but always up for a new story to tell. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Ideas Come From Slot Machines

  1. This caught my eye because I’m doing a study into slot machine addiction 🙂

    I hope you got more than a story out of your play. Just shows good ideas hit at anytime. I’m trying to keep a notebook within reach at all times now.

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