1 to 3 and back to 1

With support from friends and family, my YA novel has made some series headway. I was told to write at least one chapter a week which assisted in getting to chapter ten easily. However, something changed- the best explanation being that my water was messed with. I was able to write a chapter a day for three days in a row and made it all the way to chapter fourteen.

It was a shock to me especially since it’s about 10-12 pages a chapter. I wasn’t just skimming through so I couldn’t explain the rush of creativity but nonetheless grateful for it. However it has slowed back down where I’m struggling to finish chapter fourteen and move on to fifteen.Instead of being more annoyed and frustrated than usual, I’m grateful.

I’m ahead of the schedule I made for myself with only four chapters until it’s completed. Then the editing begins but this is a time to be happy, glad that everything worked out and not chastising myself for not continuing the insane writing session. Someone really must have messed with my water. I’m almost positive that I’m not the only person dealing with spurts of creativity but it was very sudden.

Has anyone else had this happen to them before? Are you not struggling to get back in the flow of a slower pace?


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