A Writing Exercise

Not too long ago, I was having trouble trying to write and a dear friend assisted in getting me past the writing issue. I say issue because I could easily see the scene, hear the words but my fingers couldn’t write out what I wanted. Maybe out of fear? Frustration? It just refused to make itself known.

And I’m sure someone is screaming, ‘It’s still writers block!’ but Oh well. My writers block usually consists of nothing, no sight, no scene, no sense of direction and lack of interest in continuing to write that particular story temporarily.

My friend told me to take out a piece of paper and pen. Turn off everything so that I would be focused. I was given a short time limit and three words. I was to continue from that and decide after whether it was worth saving. I have decided after the fact that no it’s not worth saving. However I felt the urge to share it. My friend encouraged the share with only a few mini complaints (a few word choices and a slight stumble), which I totally agree but it was TIMED! It won’t be awesome the first time through.

It’s not the greatest and once again, it’s just a writing exercise that I used and encourage others to try just to get the creativity flowing again. Feel free to let me know what you think.

“I should have…”
I should have listened harder to the words he was saying instead of ignoring him. Most of the time, his words were endless ramblings about the news or politics. It seemed to effect him more and more, the more passionate he became the further I tuned him out. How was I supposed to know that their was mixed meaning implied?
Complaints of how dangerous the neighborhood was getting crawled at the bottom of the screen. He stated several times that moving away would be a blessing but I took it for the inner calling he has to travel. A vacation right now would break our budget. And it’s not like I’d get time off of work.
I should have paid attention to the signs that were flashing instead of blowing them off. The truth was obvious but my heart wasn’t in it. And it must have showed. Late nights working and mood changes were routine from my end. It never mattered before.
I should have let him go ahead with his plans. Not tearing down his ideas or belittling his manhood. He never rebutted which always left a surge of power roiling through my veins. And yet here I lay in a pool of my own DNA. Staring at the man that finally lost his cool.
I should have loved him. Maybe my end would have been different.

4 thoughts on “A Writing Exercise

  1. That tactic certainly seemed to get you unblocked. That has never happened to me, to be able to see a scene but not to find the words to describe it. Often I can’t see the scene, and if I don’t see the picture, the words don’t come either. It’s interesting how everybody functions in a different way. Hope you stay unblocked!

  2. J says:

    Short exercises are soooo important to getting over any sort of “block.” This piece is really good. I especially feel that your tone and mood come across very well.

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