Interview with Robert Davis, Author and Miscreant extraordinaire.

Yay! Another interview for Robert Davis 🙂

Kristen Hope Mazzola

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Robert through this very interesting and entertaining interview! I hope that you all enjoy his twisted sense of humor as much as I did!!! I have to say this was truly a fun one for me! 🙂


Do you write under any other names? No – But as many Robert Davis’ are are out I probably should, sadly Joe Kickazz is hard to remember so will have to stay with my real name.

What are you currently working on? I just published my first Novella ‘Rakasha: Legend of the Hindi Tiger Demon’  and I have about 12 more short stories, and 3 novels all in the works (as in ready to have ‘something’ done with them,  I am working on the fourth novel at the moment.

How many (if any) books do you have published and what are their titles? …

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