Underused beasties, a fellow indie, and Odaxelagnia

Wow, such an amazing blog about author Robert Davis!!!! And Rakasha 🙂

Insomnia, Nightmares and General Madness

Rakshasa (also Rakasha, Rakshi, Kravyads, and more) are fascinating little buggers. A big part of several Hindi myths, they’ve been categorized as demons, gods, totem spirits, faeries, ghosts (hungry or otherwise), shapeshifters, ghouls, djinn and combinations of any or all of the above. They’re practically ripe for the picking, begging someone to use them. But unfortunately, they often go by the wayside in favor of more generic versions of most of those monster “types.”

Sad, really. There’s some great myth backing them up, and c’mon… you have to admit that the idea of a tiger-shifter with illusionary powers and a narcotic venom that not only paralyzes the victim or puts them in a state of ecstasy, but actually makes them want to be killed and devoured is pretty cool, and not nearly common enough.

Enter Robert Davis. Having had several very interesting conversations with the man – and gotten a…

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