Have faith

Great Message 🙂 Keep Calm & Carry On!!

Jane Dougherty Writes

We all know the feeling only too well, the sinking, desolate sensation when yet another rejection pings into the inbox. That was the one you were pinning your hopes on, that was the agent who would really love the book, the publisher who would be so thrilled to be offered it. It was exactly the kind of thing they said they were looking for. Except that they didn’t want the version of the next big thing you were proposing.

After a number of rejections, how many or how few depends very much on the thickness of your skin, the doubt sets in, the fear that maybe what you have written isn’t such a wow of a story after all. You slow down on the queries and the submissions, take another look at that all so important opening, get out the check list of what not to put into it.


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