Mega Multi-Author Online Event May 30th-June 1st

A fantastic event is coming up May 30th-June 1st. It’s Platinum’s Mega Multi-Author Online Event! It’s a great way to socialize with authors, meet new people with a hunger for books and many chances to win amazing prizes.

Make sure to schedule this on your calender. I certainly won’t be missing this fabulous event!

The Addiction

I thought I was running out of blue pens a few months ago and bought a pack of my favorite type. A few weeks later, two of my pens died and I felt the need to buy another pack to replenish my stash.

Last week while shopping with my husband I had this feeling inside, “When was the last time you bought blue pens?” So while he wasn’t looking, I ran to the office supply section and bought another few packs.

We decided to start spring cleaning/organizing this past weekend and you’ll never guess what I found. In fact you will, because I clearly have an addiction. And while I believed that I was going through them as quickly as I was buying them…that wasn’t the case. I am now banned from office supply stores until I go through my large stash of blue pens.

I call that an exciting challenge, don’t you?

Young Adult Romance Vs Adult Romance

I have written both Adult Romance and Young Adult Romance but the writing experience for both are very different. I’ve written three Adult Romance novels, Glimmer of Hope, Blowing The Whistle and Hope Has A Glare. They were fun to write but there seemed to be pressure all through out that the content needed to be deeper, darker, sexier, etc. Those extra details helped form the stories into what I needed them to become but the pressure made the writing process that much harder. 

I just finished writing Hope Has A Glare, the sequel to Glimmer of Hope which I enjoyed for many different reasons but while the foundation was already set, the pressure was intense while writing. It felt as though I wasn’t doing enough, going deep enough into the characters situations or exploring enough in other aspects. And while the pressure helped to reach deeper, make better connections and an extraordinary story it left an unsettling feeling in its wake. I can’t really explain it better than that.

While writing the Young Adult Romance My Night Breeze, it became apparent that this was going to be special. I didn’t know why or exactly what the difference was but I could just feel it. The story was already outlined so it wasn’t that; there was a sense about what needed to happen and how to execute it. I think the word that fits perfectly is innocence. Writing about the time period while were still pure and innocent has it’s own vibe that connects the reader to that time in their lives. 

With My Night Breeze completed, I’ve begun writing the sequel which after writing the Adult Romance was a little bit awkward trying to get back into the groove of another sub-genre however that feeling of specialness came back. I began writing the first chapter and it felt like pixie dust was falling down all around me because my fingers took off without a second thought. I’ve already completed two chapters in one week and at this rate, I could have the entire story finished by week nine.

I wouldn’t say that I prefer to write Young Adult because I have many Adult novels on the way but I’m still astounded by how easy some stories come while others don’t. It just makes it that much more exciting and leaves the door open for growth while pushing through the pressures to create a story that readers can connect to. I’ve never loved writing more than in this moment and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll love it even more.