My Night Breeze Now Available

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve published my first YA, My Night Breeze. It took a while to get this one rolling with my other projects jumping ahead of it but it was totally worth the wait in the end. It went live as of yesterday and as a surprise my graphic designer made up a trailer for it that I posted last night.

With all of the good things going on lately, it was decided to pay it forward. My Night Breeze will be available for free purchase for a limited time to celebrate the release of My Night Breeze, optimistic outlooks and my birthday weekend. Be sure to pick up a copy!

*****What if you could control the elements?*****
Audra, a junior in high school, tries her best to keep up her grades, spend time with Stephen, her best friend, and out of her older brother Jim’s watchful eye. She is taken aback when she has to guide the new transfer student, Mateo, around the school. Mateo is nothing like she expected and everything that she believed wasn’t possible. Can she fight the urge to get closer to him, or will their connection bring down the house of cards?

5 thoughts on “My Night Breeze Now Available

  1. I actually read ALL 200 of the comments and then reblogged because I haven’t had so much fun reading a mix of internet madness and academic discourse, ever! Thanks, everyone, for the laughs, insights, brilliance and bologna, all in one!

  2. samulraney says:

    Picked up a copy. Thanks!

  3. Best of luck with this, Mike 🙂

  4. Thank you for liking the “two quotes” I posted at Best of luck with your novel. Very nice trailer. Well done!

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