Motivation Boot Camp: Six Rules For Writing

The writing process does not end with the first draft. Write. Edit. Write. Edit. It’s a process.

writing 2

Give yourself goals and try to achieve every single day.

Don’t pace yourself against other authors. You are your own author and you are moving at your own rate of achievement. If one of your friends gets an agent—that’s great! You may land a huge publishing deal—but first of all you need to get that story down on paper. First steps first…

Don’t suffer the same lines over, and over, again. If you are in a rut—do something else! The worst thing you can do is become demotivated through being stuck in a rut.

You shouldn’t punish yourself as a writer—you should enjoy what you are doing. If you aren’t enjoying the process– you may want to consider doing something else.

Don’t neglect the family and do not give up your life to work on your book. Everything in moderation will get you to where you want to be.

Facebook is not a writing tool. It’s a distraction. If you are writing try to stay focused on the book and turn the notifications off! The same goes for Twitter, Skype and all the other toys writers like to play with.

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