Why Blog? Maybe It’s Time For You To Start…


Channel Your Focus.

Who am I writing for? Once you know you will be able to write blogs for your readership and promote them more efficiently.

Just Be Yourself!

Blogs are personal. More personal than a feed from a newspaper, better than the mechanical stuff you read on MSN News. A blog tells how you feel about something and people need to be able to agree or disagree with you.


Whether you are linking to your book, linking to your favorite video or just plain linking to some random web page—try to LINK! It makes your post so much more interesting.

Monkey See—Monkey Do

Try to add photos to your post—this makes your blog article all the more engaging. When you share the post around people will look at the image you use first—and the title second.

Be Responsive!

If someone takes the time to comment on your blog—take the time to respond with them. This is basic fan relations stuff.

Put It About…

When you’ve written your blog article—share it around! How is anyone going to know how you feel about your new book if you don’t share it…

You can learn more about M.L Newman by checking out her Amazon Author Page

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