4 Ways To Come Up With New Writing Ideas



If you want to write about something you have no idea about—you should do some research. Try the library or Google and read about events, ideas, concepts and places. Learn and share what you’ve learned in your writing. It’s pretty simple, folks.


You can explain this one in one simple word. Write.

No ideas? Lack of creativity? Just write whatever comes into your head. Maybe you can set yourself a goal—how about 500 words in ten minutes? It doesn’t really matter. This is all about writing whatever comes into your head. This works best if you try not to edit as you go. Just let the writing inside of you flow.


What do you want to tell your reader? List all the ideas and concepts you want to put to your reader, and as you write, take note of what you have on your list. Perhaps you want to use certain words in this chapter—list them and refer back to your list. Questions, facts, comments and arguments are all good things to list and refer to.


This basically boils down to jotting down ideas and making connections by associating certain themed ideas with color-coded circles or underlines of patterns and then indicating other relationships by linking with lines.

When you’ve run out of ideas, this can bring untold value to your writing. You can make connections you never dreamed you’d make.

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