Inspired Inspiration


Overheard Conversations

Wherever you go, whether it be the mall, work, or a walk in the park, you will hear conversations. Sometimes people say the most astounding things—and sometimes you get the kernel of an idea from the things that people say. I wouldn’t actively go around listening to people—but if you do hear something interesting, it may well turn into a great story.

Other Books

I would say the most popular place for inspiration is the works of others. Don’t steal from them, but be inspired by the greatness of other writers. Look at the sentence structure, the expressions they use, and try to read all kinds of books—you may just turn a page and become inspired to do great things.


The fun magazines aren’t always that inspiring—but sometimes you can find great writing within a magazine—or a story. Sometimes you can read an interview and be inspired. Sometimes fashion can inspire a story. Give it a try!


Sometimes you will be watching a movie and a character will say something that will create a chain reaction in your brain that can turn into a story. Keep your ears open and your brain ready for inspiration from the movies.


Just like movies, music can be just the same—from the Beatles to Mozart, there is inspiration to be found. When you put the earbuds in, don’t let the inspiration slip out.


Whether you are talking over the phone, via Facebook or just having a beer with your friends, you can find inspiration. You can stir up ideas, bring old ideas to life and breathe life into stories in ways you may never have imagined.

Writing Groups

Writing groups have always been a great way to find inspiration, motivation and to bring energy to your writing. Look around, find a writing group, and see what you can make happen.

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