Vampires In Russia

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Russia is one of the most folklore heavy countries in the world. It has folklore, history and myths about almost every aspect of their culture, and those myths certainly include Vampires. The Russian vampire shares a lot of the same traits as other European vampires, especially those from Eastern Bloc countries.

Eretica: The Eretica was often associated with the idea that those who believed certain things, like heretics, would become undead vampires. An Eretica, most famously, was a young, beautiful woman who sold her soul to the devil while still alive, and over the course of one day became an elderly woman who wore rags. Once the sun set, she and the other Ererticas would meet up in a hiding place—normally a ravine for a nightly sabbat.

The Eretica was, by all accounts, only active during the spring and fall. It slept in the coffins of those who had been evil during life, and if one fell into the grave of an Eretica they became an instant victim—doomed to slowly waste away.

Upyr: The Upyr is the main vampire spoken of in Russian myths and lore, but due to the size of Russia, the legend changes from region to region. The bloodthirsty Upyr would, at first, drink the blood of the children of a family and move on to the parents afterwards.

One of the most interesting traits of this vampire is that it has teeth or fangs made of iron and can chew through almost any obstacle. Like many vampires in lore around the world—the Upyr doesn’t sleep during the day. It just wanders around waiting for its next victim.

If you want to track down and kill this vampire, you will need to hook a line of thread to one of its buttons and follow it back to its lair. Once you have gained access to its lair, you must sprinkle holy water across its abode and then stake this beast through its heart. This must, however, be done with care because while one strike through its heart will kill it, two strikes will bring it back to life.

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