Fright Nights with Vampires


A Grisly Discovery

Archaeologists in Italy recently told of a vampire sighting of their own when they discovered the remains of what was believed to have been a female vampire. They uncovered the body and found it with a brick forced into its jaw. Forensic archaeologists told worldwide news outlets that the discovery took place while researchers were investigating a 1576 mass grave said to contain the bodies of plague victims.

It was common during the Middle Ages for victims of the plague to be buried and then unburied as more bodies were added to these mass graves. It was reported that some of the unburied bodies would have a dark, blood-like substance under their noses and mouths. The workers believed this was a sign that these dead bodies were the bodies of vampires and that they were part of the cause of the plague. To prevent these “undead” creatures from continuing to spread the plague, the gravediggers would put bricks or rocks into the mouth of the corpse in hope of preventing the plague from spreading further. The body discovered by the archaeologists is proof of that practice taking place.

The Curious Case of Anastasie Dieudonne

The St. Petersburg Times reported the story of Anastasie Dieudonne in 1927. The young woman, who originated from Haiti, had confessed to drugging her niece and draining her blood by making a small incision between her toes. The paper reported that Anastasie was driven to act by an uncontrollable urge and that she was mentally ill. Many social historians have claimed that the story of Anastasie Dieudonne was driven more by a disorder than by her adoption of vampirism, but the act of drinking blood from another living human being qualifies Anastasie as a vampire.

Arnold Paole: The Soldier Who Returned

A Serbian soldier returned home from war to settle down in 1727. His name was Arnold Paole, and it didn’t take long for those around him to remark that he had changed considerably since going to war. Arnold finally admitted that he had been attacked by a vampire while serving in the army. He then claimed that he tracked and killed the creature of the night. However, he still feared that he would become a vampire.

After Arnold Paole died a short time later, a lot of people claimed to have seen him. His body was exhumed, and it seemed that new skin was growing beneath the dead skin on top. His body was staked and, from reports of the time, it was said that he groaned in pain. Locals removed his head and burned his body.

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