The Real American Indian Vampires


Windigo: Perhaps the most dangerous of the Indian would-be vampires. The cannibal Windigos are giants of the Chippewa and other northern Algonquin tribes. According to most versions of the old legend, the Windigo were once human beings who had become cannibals, causing their hearts to turn to ice. They are immortal, like vampires, but there are legends that state that the Windigo can be turned back into a human.

Mosquito Man: Some tribes have legends that concern man-eating creatures that were turned to mosquitoes—the end result is that they can continue to harass people and even feed on them—just in a less deadly way. There have been legends of the monster being able to suck its victims brains out using its proboscis—rather like a Vampire feeding on its victims’ blood.

Two-Face: The “Two-Face” monster is from the Sioux tribe and resembles humans in every way—except that they have a second face that happens to be on the back of their heads. According to the legend, if you make eye contact with them you will be stricken dead or paralyzed which, of course, enables them to kill you. If you want to avoid a grisly end with the “Two-Face,” don’t look at its eyes!

Bukwus: The “Bukwus” is the ghost of a drowned human being in Kwakiutl lore. It looks like a skeleton with a bloated face and long, greasy, tangled hair. Don’t be fooled by its beckoning and offer of food. Anyone who decides to take part in its meal will be turned into another undead Bukwus.

Skadegamutc: The “Skadegamutc” is actually a ghost witch from New England and is said to be the end product of the dead of an evil sorcerer. By all accounts, he rises from the dead deep in the night to kill and eat humans but returns to the grave and appears to be a normal corpse. If you run into one of these vampire creatures, your only chance is to destroy it with fire!

Rolling Head: The Iroquois believe that the “Rolling Head” is created when a wife is unfaithful and killed by her husband. Apparently, she returns as a disembodied head which flies or rolls around looking for revenge on the man who killed her. It is doomed to die, however, when it starts trying to kill neighbors or relatives of the couple.


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