Serbian Authorities Warn of the Return of Sava the Vampire


Have you ever heard of Sava Savanovic? Sava was the most famous vampire in Serbia, and possibly even the first Serbian vampire on record. Recently, newspapers and media outlets in Serbia have been announcing his return. The reason for his return? The mill he once stalked has fallen down…

Sava Savanovic was commonly believed to have resided in a shack on the river Rogacica in Zorozje village, which is found in the Bajina Basta province of Serbia.

Local legend states that he would attack and drink the blood of innocent travellers and peasants who came to mill their grain in the local watermill. By all accounts, the family who eventually bought the mill were scared of using it as a mill and, instead, turned it into a tourist attraction that was open only during the day. Tourists came by the millions, and the rundown mill became one of the most profitable businesses in the area.

Unlike other vampires, though, Sava Savanovic was not killed off by peasants or by the lord of the land. He just suddenly stopped his murderous ways.

Over the years, the family wouldn’t repair the mill—they were terrified of unleashing the vampire on the local municipality; but without maintenance, it finally collapsed.

Since the mill’s ruin, local government in Serbia has ordered all locals to put a cross in their home and to keep garlic on all entrances to their homes. Those who had cashed in on the enduring popularity of vampires are now regretting ever getting involved. It is common belief in Serbia that Sava has returned to rebuild what was once his.

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