Who Holds The Power?

checklistPeople often believe that other people hold power over their lives, and this can be true. If you are in prison, in school or on a bus—someone holds power over your life and your time. But you have to admit that you are the only one who truly holds power over the direction of your life. when it comes to writing… You have the power to pick up the pen.


Who Has the Power?

It all starts with the realization that you have the power to pen a book. You hold all the ideas, and those ideas can be activated just by the realization that you can do whatever you want. You are the only thing stopping yourself from creating your own world, your own characters and turning out your own book.

The In-Crowd Doesn’t Dictate Your Book

Yes, we all like to be popular—but what your friends do doesn’t have to be the same as you do. Try being a little different, a little controversial, maintain control of your book and feel free to experiment, create new characters and entertain your readers.

Give Me the Reason

There’s a reason for everything. If you want to really be in control of your book, you have to have a reason to do so. A plot idea. Once you have a plot, a purpose, you will start to find that taking control is natural and that it means something. Take control for a purpose—even if that purpose is just to make you happy. Write the book you want to write.



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