5 Strange Occurrences That May Make Great Books

A Pilot without a Plane

Experienced Pilot Peter Gibbs took a late night flight in his plane and never returned on Christmas Eve of 1975. Months later his body was discovered half way up a hill and over a mile from the Isle of Mull airfield, where he had taken off from. Nobody could find his plane and nobody could find any injuries.

Ever since the discovery of his body there have been many speculations as to what happened to him. From gun running to aliens—why was he flying that plane and where did that plane go?

Spinning in the Case

A media sensation was caused in 2013 when the 4,000 year old statue of ancient Egyptian Neb-Senu was caught rotating on camera. The statue housed at a museum turned 180 degrees while locked inside it’s glass museum case. There are those who believe the curse of the Pharaohs is to blame. What actually caused the ancient relic to spin— is a mystery.

The Giant Bodmin Beast

First spotted in 1995 the huge black panther was seen roaming Bodmin Moor. By the time the media covered the story—reports of mutilated livestock were rife and many believed in the wild phantom cat. Hundreds of sightings later—nobody has ever discovered where the giant cat came from and nobody wanders the Moor at night…

We All Fall Down

An annual marching band show was taking place in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire on July 13 1980. 500 children were taking part in the show—but at 10:30am they all started to collapse. A huge majority of the kids suffered fainting attacks, nausea, sore eyes and throats and nobody knows what caused this unanticipated event. Was it fertilizer? Was it mass hysteria? Who knows… and more than likely nobody ever will.

It’s Raining Seaweed

Residents of Berkeley, Gloucestershire were shocked to see seaweed falling from the sky during a storm in 2012. But they soon forgot about the strange occurrence and went back to their daily lives. A year later, on exactly the same day, it happened again. What caused seaweed to fall on the town with such precision? It’s a mystery.



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