The Croglin Vampire

my hauntedCroglin Grange in Cumberland, United Kingdom, was a single story house near a churchyard and accompanying church. Although the legend is not clearly documented, it seems it belonged to a family called the “Fishers” for centuries. In the 1800s, the Fishers moved on and the Cranswells moved in. Three siblings, the Cranswells meant to have a happy life in the house on a hill.

As the story goes, the first encounter with a vampire came when the weather was humid and hot. Amelia went to bed early, feeling unwell. She closed her bedroom window and climbed into bed. Lying on her side, watching out of the window, she saw two bright lights in the churchyard. The lights then moved from the graveyard and started to approach the house. Scared and feeling unwell, Amelia ran to secure her bedroom door and checked the window. She then calmed herself, turned over and tried to go to sleep.

Amelia then heard scratching noises from the other side of her bedroom window. She turned and was horrified to see a shrivelled brown face with glowing eyes. The beast, desperate to enter the property, broke a pane of glass and unlocked the window. It climbed into her room and pounced upon her, biting into her throat. Amelia cried out, and her brothers rushed to her room. They had to break down the secured door to get to her, which gave the “beast” time to escape. One brother attended to Amelia while the other watched in dismay and horror as he watched something race toward the graveyard.

Amelia survived the attack, and once she had recovered enough to travel, her brothers took her to Switzerland to regain her strength. The brothers decided to get revenge on the evil beast that had stalked their sister. When Amelia found out they intended to get revenge, she convinced her brothers to allow her to help by acting as the bait.
The family returned to Croglin, and that evening Amelia took her place in her room. The figure of the beast soon appeared at the window and gained entry to the bedroom. Her brothers were hiding in the shadows, and as the beast stepped forward they both shot at it. A piercing howl erupted from the beast as it turned and fled out of the window and back towards the graveyard. The brothers decided to wait until the following day before going to the graveyard in search of its body.

The following morning, they rounded up all the citizens who lived in the area and together they all searched the graveyard for signs of the beast. Soon they noticed that a crypt door was wide open. Entering the crypt, they found the scattered remains of coffins and gnawed bones. One coffin had been left untouched. The citizens opened it, and to their horror the beast was lying there. The body was long dead and the clothes were moldy, but yet, there was a fresh gunshot wound in it’s leg. The citizens dragged the coffin into the churchyard and burned the body of the beast in the coffin.

It was unknown where the beast had come from or why it had never shown itself to the Fishers. It was never seen again.


4 thoughts on “The Croglin Vampire

  1. impostorpawn says:

    was that a story or a legend?

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