Five Strange Myths… But Which One is True?

thinkinThe 9/11 Tourist

Shortly after 9/11 a strange photo began to crop up showing a tourist standing atop one of the World Trade Centers with one of the infamous airplanes in the background of the shot about to strike the tower. The accompanying story explained how the camera was found in the wreckage but the tourist remained missing. Aside from all of the very inconsistent details in the picture the story already seemed completely improbable and several people came forward claiming to be the prankster responsible. It wasn’t until recently, however, that the real culprit was discovered in Hungary. This photo is still circulated, freaking people out around the world.

The Daddy Long Legs Killer

There has been a persistent rumor, over the last few years, circulating for some time that the common daddy long legs spider is one the most poisonous in the world, but cannot kill humans because its fangs are too small to penetrate the human skin. Where this rumor started no one knows but one thing is for sure, the daddy long legs is certainly not the most poisonous spider in the world.

Gators In Your Sewer

This strange story tells of how several alligators were brought up from Florida to be kept as pets in New York City. After they got too big and violent they escaped into the sewers where they now live freely. This story originally dates back to the 1930s and spread by newspapers of the time. The story is completely untrue yet continues to be circulated to this day, and people still hunt the sewers of NYC trying to find these mysterious gators.

The Body Under The Mattress

This legend tells the story of a couple spending the night in a motel room that was filled with a foul smell. After a while they can’t take it anymore and call the front office to get the smell dealt with. When the staff arrive they discover the smell is coming from the bed after which they remove the mattress only to find a rotting body beneath it. As crazy as this story sounds, unlike the previous legends on this list, it has actually happened. Even crazier… it’s happened more than once!

Walt Disney Will Return

This is another one of those popular stories that most of us have probably heard. It says that Disney supposedly had his dead body frozen in hopes that future technology could bring him back to life. Unfortunately for all the gossip magazines though, records show that Disney was cremated in 1966.


One thought on “Five Strange Myths… But Which One is True?

  1. I heard the long legs one before.
    Slightly sad Walt isn’t cryogenically frozen 😦

    The body under the matress is horrific.

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