Tips To Help You Promote Your Book

writing1111Lets talk  about the different avenues you can take to promote your book before it’s even published. You can start to spread word of your books arrival weeks before the book hits the market. For those of you who have already published a book—you may find something here of use to you on your publishing journey—but for those of you who have a book in the pipeline, you may want to copy and paste this article into a Word document and follow up on some of the things we are going to talk about. Ready? Let’s go…


The book industry is split about the actual real-time use of blogging. Does it sell books? I’d have to say that it can help sell books—but has to be done in connection with other forms of promotion. But blogging shouldn’t be seen as a tool to sell books. It should be seen as a way to grab your audience and keep their interest. Take, for example, this blog. I write about a lot of things, but you’ve found this article, and this article may have some information that may be relevant to you. Try writing about all manner of things—and see all manner of people visiting your blog.

Social Media

Some authors, and promotion experts, will say that social media is overcrowded, but so is the world. If you consider that every single advertising campaign on television is vying for the same attention, then you could see it negatively. However, if you consider that many campaigns are successful, you will see opportunity. When you join social media, don’t see it as an easy thing to break. See it as a challenge, a puzzle. Join groups and try to make friends with different administrators of those groups. Try to build friendly relationship with those who can help you. When you’ve built a marketing platform that you can post to—and people who will help you post—you may see results.

Mailing Lists

One of the most useful tools in the book business is mailing lists. Places like BookBub can help you gain important exposure, but beware! Mailing lists can cost money, so weigh up how successfully your book will entice their audience. A good mailing list can help you gain a lot of success, but a bad one will hit your confidence and make you less likely to want to use one again. That would be a shame, as the right one will really help you gain crucial exposure.



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