Six Of The Calmest Foods You Can Eat When You Are Stressed

black and whote chocolateOne of the most stressful jobs in the world can be thinking up stories, plots and ideas for your books. Many writers have burnt out doing just that—so this blog is all about relieving your stress. Take a trip to the calm side—and try some of these great stress relieving consumables.

Chocolate Does Help

Just a square of the stuff can calm your nerves. Dark chocolate regulates levels of the stress hormone cortisol and stabilizes metabolism.

Be Sweet With your Honey

Replace stress with sweetness and try a nice big spoonful of honey. Besides being a natural skin moisturizer and antibiotic, honey also provides compounds that reduce inflammation in the brain, meaning it fights depression and anxiety.

Take A Bite on the Wild Side

Take a tropical vacation without leaving the desk chair. Use a five-minute break to peel, slice, and bite into a juicy mango, which packs a compound called linalool that helps lower stress levels. Don’t worry about the juice dripping down your chin—the stress relief is worth the mess. Seriously.

Chew That Gum

Minty, fruity, or bubble-gum flavor, a stick of gum is a surprisingly quick and easy way to beat stress. Just a few minutes of chewing can actually reduce anxiety and lower cortisol levels.

The Munch Bunch

Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than munching away on a candy bar when we’re stressed—one study found stressed adults craved crunchy and salty snacks more than usual. But that salty crunch doesn’t have to be so sugary—a handful of trail mix or a bag of celery sticks will work just as well.

Herbal Makes the Mind Slow Down

Instead of giving into stress and anger– get green with a cup of herbal tea. Did you know that green tea is a source of L-Theanine a chemical that helps relieve anger? Boil the water, pour it out, and take a soothing sip.

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