Vacation Writing: My Tips For Turning Your Vacation Into A Writers Paradise

new yearsWith the holidays just around the corner you may be thinking about getting some writing done. I thought it would be a good idea to put together my rules for holiday writing! It’s easy to start the holidays with every intention of writing—but to forget all about it as festivities set in! Follow my five rules and have a great writing vacation!

Be Realistic

When I’m out of my regular routine, it’s harder for me to achieve. I imagine I’m not alone in this. So when I’m visiting family over the holidays, I may not have the ability do my normal full hour of writing each day.

But ten minutes? Or one hundred words? That’s always doable. Setting a reasonable goal lets you take advantage of the moments that would normally be wasted. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy your vacation without the guilt of not writing.

Start Early

Okay. I know vacation is really not the time when you want to set an alarm. If you’re a natural early riser like myself the morning hours can be very important. Why don’t you try rising early and getting down to work? You may even find that your days will be more relaxed.

Stay In Bed

On the opposite side of the coin to the above suggestion is to pretend to sleep in—but instead, work quietly in your guest room for a little while before making your morning appearance.

Be Invisible

If mornings just don’t cut it for you, why not simply slip away for a little bit in the afternoon? Figure out where the closest coffee shop is, close the door to your room, or hey, just find a good closet settle in.

Be A Night Owl

For you night owls and procrastinators! Once you snuggle into the bed for the night, take just a little time to cram in fifty words or so. Maybe those holiday nightcaps will unleash a little extra creativity.


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