Four Books That Will Help Improve Your Writing

typeWriters are always looking to improve their writing. Part of that improvement comes from reading the work of others.  I thought it would be useful to pull together four of the most highly-rated books about the art of writing. Each one of this has been acclaimed by those who enjoy writing!

Solutions for Writers by Sol Stein

First published in 2005 this is the essential guidebook on how to write for today. Broken up into sections and covering both fiction and non-fiction it contains a huge amount of practical advice on issues from the writer’s job, to the Keys to Swift Characterisation, to adding Resonance.

Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maas

First published in 2004 this is the book that gives backbone to Mr Maas’s famous Writing the Breakout Novel training modules. Its three sections cover a wide range of topics under the section headings Character Development, Plot Development and General Story Techniques. This workbook should definitely be in your library, especially if commercial success is something you are hoping to achieve.

A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman

First published in 1991 this book is a grand tour of the realm of the senses. In it she describes the evolution of the kiss, the cuisine of eighteenth century England, and a lot more. Structured into chapters for each sense, this unusual and thought provoking book is a treasure trove for those who are interested in helping readers see what they see and feel what a character feels.

The 3rd Act by Drew Yanno

This is a book that has helped many writers over the years. It’s mainly aimed at script writers and features lots of references to many of the best movies of all time. But I don’t think that makes it any less relevant to fiction writers. Plus, there are so few books about how to construct a good ending this one deserves a place on your shelf just for that reason alone.


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