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Life Hacks For Living Life After College

typeFinding happiness is hard at the best of times—but finding it just after leaving college is a hard task to set yourself. I thought it would be great to share these steps towards finding happiness early on in your life—let’s take a look at them shall we?

Find Your Perfect Job

So you have a degree, now you need to use it. Prepare yourself for hours sifting through job websites and applying for graduate schemes. Though the good news is, the majority of graduates find jobs within the first six months of leaving college.

Find The Perfect Place To Live

Does moving back home send shivers down your spine? Can you face having to pay to live in your own house with your own family? If you know enough people you may want to consider sharing a house? It’s just an idea

Pay Off Those Imperfect Debts

Don’t try to hide away from your debts. You can get yourself a graduate bank account that gives you more interest-free time to pay off your debts. Make it a priority to get rid of that debt—you’ll thank me later.

Get Some Sleep

Three in the morning is no longer an appropriate bedtime. Get into the routine of going to bed before midnight so those early starts aren’t too horrific. You’ll soon be looking forward to those weekend lie-ins.

Stop Being A Student

You can no longer watch Netflix until the early hours of the morning, or live entirely off noodles and beans. Rolling into work in your pajamas will never be acceptable. You can’t leave weeks’ worth of washing up in the sink, nor can you go a month without doing laundry.

You Are Heading Toward The Rat Race

Right now you might be able to leave the house five minutes before your class starts, or stroll in 15 minutes late and just catch up on some notes. The same can’t be said for most jobs, and if you have a long commute, you could be setting your alarm for 5am to get there for 8am.

The Story of Being An Adult: Tips To Help You Survive in the Real World

writing1111Leaving college can be a little bit daunting—and mistakes are made… seriously! This blog article is about life after college. Just a few tips that may help you survive being an adult!

Just Say ‘No’ To That New Car

Many ex-college friends buy new cars just after they graduate. Why? Because they are earning and can afford it—right? Whatever you do don’t buy that new car. Seriously. A car is a depreciating asset and it’s better in the long run to buy a used car.

Fancy Means More

Another huge mistake people make is to get themselves a great apartment downtown—but why not rent somewhere more modest and take in roomies to keep your expenses lower?

Yes To Renting From Your Parents

If you haven’t jumped straight into a job you will, more than likely, be living with your parents. It’s good practice to pay rent to your parents too—it gets you used to the concept of paying rent.

Don’t Deny The Emergency Fund

In the real world people have to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies—including having to buy that fridge immediately after the old one breaks. Try saving a minimum of $500 first and build your own emergency fund—this could be the one piece of advice that really pays off for you.

Spend Less—Save More

If you’re never done a budget, now is the time. You likely have student loans, housing, possibly insurance, cell phone, internet, etc. The bills start to add up, and you need to know where your money is going. Spend less than you earn! That way you will never spend a week without electricity.

You Need To Know That You May Get Fired

If you knew in advance that you could be fired wouldn’t you do things differently? Of course! Get into the habit of thinking that you could be fired at any time and you’ll start saving money— and then if the worst happens you will be prepared.

Do You Need That?

Forget the nails, tanning salon and Apple Store…. Your immediate needs are food, shelter, transportation and power. Your wants always come second to these. Get into the habit of seeing your money in two different ways—your serious money and your fun money.

Life After College- Changes Are A-Happening

typeLife after college is filled with change. After you graduate your whole life will change—and this is a good thing. This blog article is all about a few preparatory steps for those who are heading into the world of adulthood. Things change… and here are a few of those changes.

Different Pages, Different Places

Back in college you could always a find time for your friends. You may even have shared an apartment. Now you and your friends will, more than likely, have conflicting work schedules, different budgets, and different social circles, and you’ll find it a little more difficult to coordinate your lives.

Big Decisions

Decisions—both huge and tiny—will become overwhelming. Now that college is over everything is up to you. Some of the choices will be major—like where you should live, or work—you might find yourself a overwhelmed when faced with what to eat for dinner. Just remember there are no advisors who help you move in the right direction.

Working Is Working

There’s more to a job than how it looks on your resume. Seriously. When looking for a job, look past its title and responsibilities. There are so many things that will make a job the right fit, including the culture and having a good manager. Don’t be afraid to turn down a great job when it doesn’t seem like the right company vibe. You control your destiny—so control it.

Things Change—Take A Raincheck

Just because your friends live nearby doesn’t mean your relationships will stay the same. Having friends in the same city can seem like an easy way to stay in touch, but you might find that your work schedules, life schedules, and other major priorities prevent you from seeing each other as regularly as you thought. When people graduate college, they can change, and you’ll find that you have to make a serious, concerted effort to see the friend who lives only a few blocks away. This is one of the biggest shocks most college graduates find themselves faced with.

Be A Yes… Everything Is An Experience

Say yes to as many experiences as you can. When getting to know a new city or getting to know a new group of people, like coworkers, the best advice is to say “yes.” Say yes to that happy hour, a weekend adventure, an impromptu movie night—anything that helps you explore your new location and new life, and lets you step out of your comfort zone.

The Myths and Legends of the Publishing World

writing1111It’s easy to be swept along by the hype the publishing world likes to create. This blog post is all about four of the greatest myths writers have to face. These myths are things writers hear every day—and all of them are wrong. If you are looking at publishing your first book—you may want to read this blog post very carefully.

“You don’t need a paperback…”

CreateSpace is an amazing company that can print your book on demand. You can have a physical copy of your book. Why would you actually stop yourself from having a physical copy of your book? Why would you deny yourself a product that many people will buy? Did you know that the majority of non-fiction books are sold as hard copies? Don’t discount the power of the printed word.

“Getting into stores is easy…”

Most authors can tell you that getting placement for your book in a bookstore is hard. Bookstores only want to give space to proven authors. There’s a self-publishing company called Lighting Source, which has a relationship with Ingram books. Ingram distributes books to all the major bookstores. Ingram can get your book in a bookstore’s catalog but not necessarily in the actual bookstore. Don’t be sold on expensive programs that promise to get you into stores. Research thoroughly and do it yourself.

“Amazon does all the marketing… don’t worry…”

It doesn’t matter how good your book is, your book will sell or languish depending on the marketing that is done. Remember the hundreds of thousands of books that are published every year? Many good books go unnoticed. Writing a good book is just the start. Marketing gets the book noticed and persuades people to buy it. Don’t think for a second that Amazon will do the marketing for you—they won’t.

“My first book is going to make me RICH….”

Successful self-published authors have multiple books. It’s possible for one book to take off, but that’s the rare exception, not the rule. Multiple books, especially series, give all of your books a better chance to sell. If someone buys one of your books and likes it, they’re likely to buy your other books. Don’t be caught in the trap of believing that one book will make you fantastically successful.