The Myths and Legends of the Publishing World

writing1111It’s easy to be swept along by the hype the publishing world likes to create. This blog post is all about four of the greatest myths writers have to face. These myths are things writers hear every day—and all of them are wrong. If you are looking at publishing your first book—you may want to read this blog post very carefully.

“You don’t need a paperback…”

CreateSpace is an amazing company that can print your book on demand. You can have a physical copy of your book. Why would you actually stop yourself from having a physical copy of your book? Why would you deny yourself a product that many people will buy? Did you know that the majority of non-fiction books are sold as hard copies? Don’t discount the power of the printed word.

“Getting into stores is easy…”

Most authors can tell you that getting placement for your book in a bookstore is hard. Bookstores only want to give space to proven authors. There’s a self-publishing company called Lighting Source, which has a relationship with Ingram books. Ingram distributes books to all the major bookstores. Ingram can get your book in a bookstore’s catalog but not necessarily in the actual bookstore. Don’t be sold on expensive programs that promise to get you into stores. Research thoroughly and do it yourself.

“Amazon does all the marketing… don’t worry…”

It doesn’t matter how good your book is, your book will sell or languish depending on the marketing that is done. Remember the hundreds of thousands of books that are published every year? Many good books go unnoticed. Writing a good book is just the start. Marketing gets the book noticed and persuades people to buy it. Don’t think for a second that Amazon will do the marketing for you—they won’t.

“My first book is going to make me RICH….”

Successful self-published authors have multiple books. It’s possible for one book to take off, but that’s the rare exception, not the rule. Multiple books, especially series, give all of your books a better chance to sell. If someone buys one of your books and likes it, they’re likely to buy your other books. Don’t be caught in the trap of believing that one book will make you fantastically successful.

One thought on “The Myths and Legends of the Publishing World

  1. Yep.
    Although I respect anyone that writes a book, the goal has to be a physical copy even if published on demand. It feels real, and if people can hold a copy theres more chance it will be read by other people too when and if it gets passed on.
    And the rich off one book is pure day dreaming, the reality is that it take multiple books before one hits and even then a swollen bank account is unlikely.

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