Life Hacks For Living Life After College

typeFinding happiness is hard at the best of times—but finding it just after leaving college is a hard task to set yourself. I thought it would be great to share these steps towards finding happiness early on in your life—let’s take a look at them shall we?

Find Your Perfect Job

So you have a degree, now you need to use it. Prepare yourself for hours sifting through job websites and applying for graduate schemes. Though the good news is, the majority of graduates find jobs within the first six months of leaving college.

Find The Perfect Place To Live

Does moving back home send shivers down your spine? Can you face having to pay to live in your own house with your own family? If you know enough people you may want to consider sharing a house? It’s just an idea

Pay Off Those Imperfect Debts

Don’t try to hide away from your debts. You can get yourself a graduate bank account that gives you more interest-free time to pay off your debts. Make it a priority to get rid of that debt—you’ll thank me later.

Get Some Sleep

Three in the morning is no longer an appropriate bedtime. Get into the routine of going to bed before midnight so those early starts aren’t too horrific. You’ll soon be looking forward to those weekend lie-ins.

Stop Being A Student

You can no longer watch Netflix until the early hours of the morning, or live entirely off noodles and beans. Rolling into work in your pajamas will never be acceptable. You can’t leave weeks’ worth of washing up in the sink, nor can you go a month without doing laundry.

You Are Heading Toward The Rat Race

Right now you might be able to leave the house five minutes before your class starts, or stroll in 15 minutes late and just catch up on some notes. The same can’t be said for most jobs, and if you have a long commute, you could be setting your alarm for 5am to get there for 8am.

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