Tips To Help You Master “The Adult”

The first day of life after college is different—it feels different, and you will want to be different. This blog article is all about post-college life. It’s a mindset—and it’s something most of us go through. How does life differ when you are suddenly an adult? Let’s find out…

writing1111How does one adult?

You’re actually responsible for yourself. You’re no longer primarily surrounded by peers; instead you’re surrounded by people who seem much grown up than you, and you’re just trying to pretend you’re a real one. Taxes, car payments, phone bills, landlords, cooking for yourself and developing something that resembles a budget: all of these things together can be overwhelming.

Friendship after college is requires work — and that’s okay!

The friends you’ve made in college are an incredible gift. But next, you’ll all move away, and before you know it you’ll be living different lives. Keeping in touch with old friends becomes harder; you have to have a life in the place you live.

Keep up with your old friends with visits, phone calls and set Skype dates. Some friends you might connect with every few weeks; others, you might connect with every few months. Some might be once a year. You may even lose touch with a few. Just remember it’s okay that your friendships are different.

Be patient and excel at your work

If you enter into your vocation right after college, good for you. It’s so very exciting! You’ll have joys and struggles, and you’ll have a lot of transition as you settle, wherever life takes you. Be patient and enjoy the journey.

Your job will be both a joy and a struggle

One joy I’ve found in my first office job is that there is a blessed monotony in the nine-to-five. Of course, not all jobs will be that exact timeframe, and not everyone works in an office after graduating, but I was surprised to find something like — what is it? Peacefulness? — in a steady job.

Your relationships with your family will change

Yes, this changes too. As you grow, you’ll relate to your family differently. You’re living your own life; you have your own schedule, job and friends. For some, the transition in the relationship you have with your family might be easy. For others, it may be a struggle. However, it changes for you, know that it’s okay that it is — it’s just another part of what’s evolving in this time of your life, just as they should be.


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